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Our Mission 

Our Mission is to create opportunities for you to connect to yourself and others through Improv in order to create a world in which you are, seen, heard, loved and understood.​

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Our Journey

The Journey of Improv | On and Off the Stage started 20+ years ago on a plane ride to Nairobi Kenya. Throughout the years, crew members with different perspectives from all over the world helped to guide our trajectory and we officially took off in 2020.


The vision of grounding Improv in science and revealing its therapeutic benefits as well as its community strengthening aspects, links and drives our crew. 

We were the Improvisors staying up late after shows, wondering how to study the effects of different types of laughter (there are 10 types) on productivity and how best to structure an Improv class for those struggling with grief.  We knew we were a different bunch of Improvisors. 

Our passion for connection as well as laughter and insight as well jokes, is what shapes our relationships to each other as a crew. That passion also guides the production of our shows and and keeps your Improv Journey sacred in our hearts.

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Shannon Stott
Creator / Director 

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Aaron Saenz
Performer / Producer

Our Crew

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Emily Arnold Fleming
Production Behavior Analyst  

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Luke Wallens
Drama Therapist


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Braden Baumbach
Production Design 

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