"Shannon Stott is a rock-solid performer and consummate professional" - Jill Bernard

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Improv Master Classes

Improv | On and Off the Stage Master Classes are designed to challenge what an Improvisor believes is possible on stage. Together, we lean into the nuances of the craft, from using bonafide mind reading techniques to playing with and against stereotypes. Master Classes are for Improvisors who have been affected by Improv and are looking to have a deeper impact on their partners, their scenes, their audiences, and themselves through the work. 

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Improv for Non-Performers

These classes acknowledge that not all who seek improv, seek to become an “Improviser.” The INP classes are not ‘beginner’ or ‘intro to Improv’ classes. These classes  focus on life themes like communication, self confidence and trust among others, and use Improv games, exercises and techniques to explore those themes.

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Improv | On and off the Stage produces virtual and live events. We bring together Improvisors and professionals from industries including health and wellness, education, tech and more to share their experiences and the importance of Improv in their lives and professions. These events are for Performers and Non-performers to attend, participate in, and enjoy. Check our calendar for details and support our work on Patreon.